Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red, Red Wine

I will freely admit that I prefer white wine over red but I do appreciate a good red, especially with red meat. I picked up a couple new ones and tried them over the last week and I found both of them to be very good.

The first one I tried was a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon by Lotus Winery in California. I served this with our New Year's Day dinner which was prime rib with mashed potatoes and Caesar Salad. It was very flavorful with hints of berry and cocoa. It was slightly on the sweet side and had a smooth finish. It went very well with the prime rib. It was also a tremendous deal at around $8.

The second one I tried was a 2009 Malbec by Cruz Alta of Mendoza, Argentina. I drank it alone but the recommendation is that is wonderful with grilled meats. It was full-bodied and well balanced with hints of plum. The bottle was around $10. I will definitely get it again and try it with grilled meat.

I slo wanted to pass along this article that I found after my New Year's Eve posting. I wish I had found it before.

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