Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time to Get Serious

OK, I first off, I apologize for posting my introductory post and then...nothing. We had something personal going on here that we had to deal with so that kept me from posting (to my huge following of around 2). But, I am hoping to have more time to dedicate to it now. So, here we go.

I am going to start with the wine that has become my favorite type...Sauvignon Blanc. Like many, I started out drinking white zin then moved on to sweet German wines before moving on to drier varietals that REAL wine drinkers drink (not that there is anything wrong with the wines I just mentioned...they too have their place!). I drank mostly Pinot Grigio for a while. But then I decided to make this
recipe for a birthday party. I had some Sauvignon Blanc leftover. I believe I used a Robert Mondavi Private Selection (good and very economical). And I decided I had a new favorite.

I've tried a few different kinds over the past couple of years but this past spring, my darling husband brought home a new one he just happened to pick up. It was around $10 at our local liquor store. It was called Nobilo and I believe the year was 2008. It's from Marlborough, New Zealand and it said it was light and crisp with a hint of citrus and passion fruit. The passion fruit was very distinct and I also detected hints of melon. I fell in love. I fell even more in love when I discovered out Costco carried it for just under $9 when all the other stores, besides our liquor store, carried it for around $13. The price eventually went up slightly at both out liquor store and Costco but it was still around $10 at Costco.

Fast forward to about a month or so ago. My hubby and I discovered a new liquor store chain that had a store in Orlando and it boasted a huge wine selection. So off we went to check it out. And a huge selection it did have. It also carried Nobilo for just under $10 BUT on a card next to the display it said if you like Nobilo, try Anakena which is from the Central Valley of Chile. And it was $8! So, what the heck, I thought. And let me tell you, it was a good decision. Anakena was also crisp and light with the same hints of citrus and passion fruit. I was even more excited when I discovered last week that they also sell it in a 1.5 liter bottle for just under $14! SCORE! I do have one caveat in case you do decide to try does have a screw off cap. That of course doesn't matter to me, but I know it can be a turnoff to others.

I still try new Sauvignon Blancs here and there but Anakena has become my staple. If I find any others worth passing on, I will definitely post about them too.

Now, I am off to think about starting a recipe blog. Like I don't have enough to do.


Anonymous said...

a lot of vineyards are thinking about going to screw caps instead of cork, there are studies that show the wine keeps and ages better than with the cork...

Erin said...

I just read that too and didn't think of it until after I posted it.